Our Purpose

_DSC0309Berean Bible Fellowship has defined its mission and purpose for being this way:

Motivated by the Love of Christ, we exist to: Evangelize the world, Edify believers and Equip them for service.

Our statement of purpose basically has two parts. First it defines our motive. A love for Christ, the sacrificial and faithful bridegroom of the church, is the purest motive for any activity that the church undertakes.

Secondly it defines our activity:

We are to evangelize. This means we are to proclaim the good news that the Lord Jesus Christ came to die for our sins, that he was buried, rose again, that that He is now offering the forgiveness of sin and the gift eternal life to all who will repent of their sins and put their faith in Him.

We are also to edify other believers. This is the building up and strengthening of individual believers and the church in the faith once and for all handed down to the saints. The edification of the church is accomplished through the teaching of the word of God, worship, prayer, and the fellowship of other believers.

Finally we are to equip believers for service. The purpose of the ministers and ministries of the church is to provide believers with the spiritual training they will need to be able to serve faithfully as ambassadors of Christ in the midst of a lost and dying world.

Also, in attempt to be God-honoring and focused with available resources, we have additionally defined our strategy for world missions. Our efforts in world missions can be summarized with the acronym S.T.E.P.


The “S” stands for Sowing the gospel. We desire to partner with individuals and organizations that place a high priority in the proclamation of the gospel, or good news as stated above.

The “T” stands for Teaching believers. Instruction from the word of God is the major basis by which God produces spiritual maturity in a believer. We aspire to partner with individuals and organizations that see Biblical instruction as essential to the growth of the church.

The “E” stands for Encouraging Servants. Berean Bible Fellowship is committed to be a source of encouragement to the missionaries we partner with. It is our aim to provide assistance above and beyond funding. Missionaries face a tremendous spiritual battle as they seek to advance the cause of Christ in a resistant culture. They need prayer, hands-on help, and other forms of support.

The “P” stands for Planting Churches. It is our desire not to merely see people converted to Christ through cross-cultural missions. We also place an emphasis on establishing local Bible-based churches that can become a source of edification to the new Christians in that context.