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Substitution (9/1/19) Video
Justice (8/25/19) Video
Worship (8/18/19) Video
Work (8/11/19) Video
Forgiveness (8/4/19) Video
Time and History (7/28/19) Video
Vanity (7/21/19) Video

Viewing Money with “Good Eyes”-Matthew 6:19-24   VIDEO

I Corinthians
Called To Be Saints-11/1/15  VIDEO
All That Is Needed-11/15/15  VIDEO
Lack of Unity-11/29/15  VIDEO
Foolishness of God, Part 1 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
Foolishness Of God Part 2 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
Understanding The Wisdom Of God  – 1/10/16  VIDEO
Carnal Believers – 1/17/16  VIDEO
Revealed By Fire – 1/24/16   VIDEO
1 Corinthians 3:18-23 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
I Corintians 4:1-5 – 2/7/16
I Corintians 4:1-5 – 2/14/16
1 Corinthians 4:14-21 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
I Corintians 5:1&2 – 3/6/16   VIDEO
I Corintians 5:1&2 – 3/13/16   VIDEO
1 Corinthians 5:9-13 – 4/10/16  VIDEO
1 Corinthians 6:1-11 – 4/17/16  VIDEO
1 Corinthians 6:12 – 4/24/16
1 Corinthians 6:13-20 – 5/1/16 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
1 Corinthians 7:1-7 – 5/8/16  VIDEO
1 Corinthians 7:1-7 – 5/15/16 – 5/15/16 (See Pastor Mark’s Messages)
1 Corinthians 7:8-24 – 5/22/16  VIDEO
1 Corinthians 7:25-40 – 5/29/16  VIDEO
Rules of Engagement for Christian Liberty I Cor. 8
Training to Win: I Cor. 9   VIDEO
Avoiding the Pitfalls in Christian Liberty: I Corinthians   VIDEO
A Cautionary Tale: I Corinthians   VIDEO
Using Freedom for God’s Glory: I Corinthians   VIDEO*
*We apologize for the audio issues due to mic problems
Headship and Submission: I Corinthians – 2/5/17    VIDEO
Now Concerning Spiritual Gifts [1/7/18] VIDEO
The Unity and Diversity of Spiritual Gifts [1/14/18] VIDEO
The Body of Christ [2/18/18] VIDEO
A More Excellent Way [
The Character of Love [3/11/18] VIDEO
The Character of Love [3/18/18] VIDEO
No Resurrection…No Gospel [4/15/18] VIDEO
The Resurrection Plan [4/22/18] VIDEO
Resurrection Life 
[5/13/18] VIDEO
(Recording begins late) Redemption (11/3/19) Video

II Corintians 2:5-11 – 4/3/16  VIDEO

The Meaningful Death of Jesus: Adoption (2/2/2020) Video

Thankful For The Care Of Our Good King-Psalm 100  VIDEO
Gratitude of the Redeemed-Psalm 107   VIDEO

VBS Kickoff – Psalm 139:23&24     VIDEO

State of the Church: Rev. 2:1-7 [2/12/17]

I Peter
Christ’s Suffering and Triumph (3/8/2020) Video
Prepared to Make a Defense (3/1/2020) Video
Do Not Repay Evil for Evil (2/23/2020) Video
The Value of Godly Femininity and Masculinity (2/16/2020) Video
Subject to the Emperor (1/26/2020) Video
Commending the Gospel Through an Honorable Life (1/19/2020) Video
One Stone and Two Options (1/12/2020) Video
Desiring the Word (12/29/19) Video
A Living and Abiding Word (12/8/19) Video
Therefore…Be Holy (11/24/19) Video
So Great A Salvation (11/17/19) Video
Precious Than Gold
 (11/10/19) Video
Living Hope (10/27/19) Video
Heavenly Refugees (10/20/19) Video

A Reason for Hope (4/12/2020) Video
A Humble Coronation (4/5/2020) Video
He Is Risen [4/16/17]    VIDEO

Easter in Matthew [4/9/17]VIDEO
What Do You Do with Jesus  [4/2/17]VIDEO
What If Christ Remained In The Grave?  VIDEO
The Suffering Servant [3/25/18] VIDEO

The Light of Christmas (12/22/19) Video
He Has Come! Divine Birth Announcements  [12/3/17]    VIDEO
Sing a New Song! Divine Birth Announcements  [12/10/17]    VIDEO
Peace on Earth! Divine Birth Announcements  [12/17/17]    VIDEO

The Body You Have Prepared for Me-Hebrews 10   VIDEO

The Gospel
The Gospel – I Cor. 15:1-11 [4/23/17]    VIDEO
The Gospel – Not Ashamed [5/14/17]    VIDEO
The Gospel – Message of Reconciliation  [5/21/17]    VIDEO

Trending Truth?
Trending Truth? Faith and Good Works  [6/11/17]    VIDEO
Trending Truth? The (small) Matter of Sin  [6/25/17]    VIDEO
Trending Truth? Who is Jesus? [7/2/17]    VIDEO.
Trending Truth? What is the Local Church? [7/16/17]    VIDEO
Trending Truth? Who is the Holy Spirit?  [7/23/17]    VIDEO
Trending Truth? Has Homosexuality been Misunderstood?  [7/30/17]    VIDEO
Has Science Disproven the Claims of Christianity?
[8/6/17]    VIDEO
Trending Truth? Does God want me to Prosper? [8/20/17]    VIDEO

God is in Control:
Is God In Control: Where is God in a World of Hurt? [9/10/17]    VIDEO
Is God in Control? Does God Know What He Is Doing? [9/17/17]    VIDEO
Is God In Control? Does He Still Love Me? [9/17/17]    VIDEO

Spirit and Truth
Spirit and Truth: What About Music  [11/26/17]    VIDEO
Spirit and Truth: Grateful for an Unshakable Kingdom  [11/19/17]    VIDEO
Spirit and Truth: Living Sacrifices  [11/12/17]    VIDEO
Spirit and Truth: What is True Worship
 [11/5/17]    VIDEO

A Checklist for the Church in Isolation
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 7 (5/30/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 6 (5/24/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 5 (5/17/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 4 (5/10/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 3 (5/3/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 2 (4/26/2020) Video
A Checklist for the Church in Isolation-Pt 1 (4/19/2020) Video

Ekklesia-The Corrupted Kingdom (8/9/2020) Video 
Ekklesia-2 Ordinances (8/2/2020) Video 
Ekklesia- The Church Triumphant (7/26/2020) Video
Ekklesia-Gathered and Scattered (7/12/2020) Video
Ekklesia-The Flock of God (6/28/2020) Video
Ekklesia-The New Man (6/21/2020) Video
Vine and Branches (6/14/2020) Video
I Will Build My Church (6/7/2020) Video 

Faith and Healing (3/29/2020) Video
Peace Surpassing Understanding (3/22/2020)
Facing Fear (3/15/2020) Video
Meaningful Death of Jesus: Justification (1/5/2020) Video
Propitiation (10/6/19) Video
What Remains to Be Done (9/22/19) Video
False Spirituality (6/30/19) Video
The Simplicity and Purity of Devotion to Christ (6/9/19) Video
Anxious for Nothing (5/19/19) Video
Cancelling Debts Part 2 (5/12/19) Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make – Through the Eyes of James (5/5/19) Video
Cancelling Debts (4/28/19) Video
The First Easter Sermon (4/21/19) Video

Preparation for Burial (4/14/19)   Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make; Through the Eyes of Isaiah
 (4/7/19) Video
Passions At War (3/24/19) Video
The Springs of Life (3/17/19) Video
Holy War Part 1 [2/24/19] Video
God’s Framework for the Workplace [2/17/19] Video
*Only Video Available* The Necessity of Our Love for Christ [2/10/19] Video
Message [2/3/19] Video
God’s Framework for the Christian Family [1/27/19] Video
The Greater Reality Behind Marriage [1/20/19] Video
Filled with the Spirit [1/6/19] Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make (John the Baptist) [1/6/19] Video
Message [12/30/18] Video
Do Not Grieve the Spirit [12/9/18] Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make-Through the Eyes of Simeon [12/2/18] Video
Bless the Lord, O My Soul [11/18/18] Video
The New Self [11/11/18] Video
Through the Eyes of a Penitent Thief [11/4/18] Video
Go-Pastor Jim Myers [10/28/18] Video
Christ’s Church Growth Strategy [9/23/18] Video
Maintaining the Unity of the Spirit [9/16/18] Video
Enabling Power [9/9/18] Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make – Judas [9/2/18]
Message [8/26/18] Video
What is the “New Man” identity? Part 2 [8/12/18] Video
What Difference Does the Cross Make? [8/5/18]
The New Man [7/29/18] VIDEO
Alive to God [7/22/18] VIDEO
The Enlightened Heart [7/15/18] VIDEO
Identity in Christ [7/8/18] VIDEO
What Difference Does the Cross Make – through the eyes of Barabas [7/1/18] VIDEO
What Difference Does the Cross Make? [6/10/18] VIDEO
What Difference Does the Cross Make? [5/27/18] VIDEO
Two Sorrows [5/27/18] VIDEO
Are You Weak Enough to be Strong? [5/20/18] VIDEO
I Have Decided to Follow Jesus [12/31/17] VIDEO
Share the Gospel and Sleep Well [10/15/17]    VIDEO
(Missions) An Overlooked Motive for Evangelism [10/8/17]    VIDEO
Reformation at 500  [9/3/17]    VIDEO
The Dynamics of Christian Hope  [3/26/17]    VIDEO
What’s In A Name: Being Berean  [2/26/17]    VIDEO
Being Berean: Something More Sure  [3/12/17]    VIDEO
Being Berean: Being Berean: Seeing the Word Of God as a Treasure  [3/19/17]    VIDEO

Our Moral Health System – 11/6/16   VIDEO1
2016 Missions Month: Judea  – 10/23/16   VIDEO1
From Glory to Glory: Tools of the Spirit     VIDEO  [9/18/16]
From Glory to Glory: The Dynamics of Change     VIDEO  [9/11/16]
From Glory to Glory: Beholding and Becoming        VIDEO  [9/4/16]
Straight Outta Context: God Told Me    VIDEO 
Straight Outta Context: Judge Not (Matt. 7:1-6)     VIDEO
Straight Outta Context: All Things Work Together For Good (Romans 8:28
Straight Outta Context: Proverbs 22:6  
Straight Outta Context: The Judgement of Nations     VIDEO
Straight Outta Context: The Good Samaritan     VIDEO  [8/21/16]
Annual Meeting-The Mission of the Church – 2/21/16   VIDEO
“What Child Is This?”-12/20/15   VIDEO

What We Can Learn From An Unethical Man-10/11/15 VIDEO
Living By Faith, Part 11 – 9/20/15 VIDEO
Jim Myers Installation – 9-13/15 VIDEO
Living by Faith, Part 8 – 8/16/15 VIDEO
Servants of Christ, Part 5 – 6/14/15 VIDEO
Servants of Christ, Part 4 – 6/7/15 VIDEO
Servants of Christ, Part 3 – 5/31/15 VIDEO
“Biblical Truth vs. Itching Ears” 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5
Christmas from Heaven’s View: 12-25-11 
Rapture of the Church pt 2 – 8-14-11 
Rapture of the Church pt 1 – 7-31-11 
A Pastor’s Prayer-7-3-11 
Crumbs For The Hungry-10-3-10 
Reasonable Response-3/14/10 
The Waiting Father-12/27/09
Worldliness Caught in the Net-10/11/09
Jonah: A Pouting Servant-6/7/09
Jonah: Make a Difference-5/31/09
Jonah: Second Chance-5/24/09
Jonah: God’s Mercy-5/10/09
Jonah: On the Run-5/3/09
Fear Not-4/12/09
Preparations for a Feast-4/5/09
Shining Stars, Part VIII-3/29/09
Shining Stars, Part VII-3/15/09
Shining Stars, Part VI-3/8/09
Shining Stars, Part V-3/1/09
Shining Stars, Part III-2/15/09
Shining Stars, Part II-2/1/09
Shining Stars, Part I-1/25/09
The Untouchables, Part II-1/11/09
The Untouchables: Part I-1/4/09
The Gift-12/21/08
Four Hearts-12/14/08
Be Still-12/7/08
The Vine-11/30/08
What Will You Risk?-11/16/08
The Original Superman-11/2/08
Life’s Tests III-10/19/08 Notes
Life’s Tests II-10/12/08
Life’s Tests I-10/5/08